Public Description:

Animus started off as a modified PLR gamemode. Killing was the only way to move your cart. When someone died, a sould would rise out of the ground and get fed to the cart. Game tests showed pretty early that that the modified gamemode failed along with the layout. So it got ditched.
But then it came back! New layout, theme and models where added!
New custom effects were also added. Like, at the end of a round the death of everyone who had died during the round was unleashed up into the sky. This was demostrated by having green looking foggy effects and a skull rising out of it.

Personal Description:

PLR_Animus is a Team Fortress 2 map that started as a contest entry. It alone went through alot of different phases and challanges before coming to where it is today. It never got finished. But it went far. Very far. What I am most proud of in this map, is the theme.
Never before had anyone attempted to create a sunset type of map for TF2 before. And to make the style even more unique, having green fx particles representing death show up, now and then was a really good addition.
Engine: Source Engine
Softwares: Valve Hammer Editor, Valve Particle Editor, Adobe Photoshop
Key skill used: Testing new mechanics in online play and improving it from feedback.