Public Description:

Borax focuses in vertical battles, team balance and much more. This map offers some beautiful sights and great fun.
Blu team must escort the cart to the Red's Base. Here, Red have their Rocket, that they plan to destroy BLU HQ with. Fortunately for Blue, red is also dumb enough to have a powerful fan under the rocket.
Blu takes this to their advantage, moving the cart to the fan, it blows the cart into the air hitting the rocket. The rocket explodes into pieces and Blue wins!

Personal Description:

PL_Borax was one of my first attempts to create a serious, good looking and fun map for Team Fortress 2. I was very successul. And I learned alot on the way. Custom models, textures was created for this map. The first major project I worked on. Layout was first blocked out and tested. For gameplay purpose. To balance the map for both teams. This was done online with real players.
Later, detail and things like cinematic explosions was added to the map. The cinematic explosion was proven to be a satisfying victory for team blue.
Engine: Source Engine
Softwares: Valve Hammer Editor, Adobe Photoshop
Key skill used: Gathering gameplay feedback and improving map for better balance and play