Factum Solus

Public Description:

Factum Solus is a story driven episodic Portal mod. Player plays as Chell from the original Portal, but in a totally new exciting universe where the Aperture center is not controlled by GLaDOS but a AI called Ben.
As the player goes through new, creative and well thought out puzzles, she discovers that there is someone watching her. Someone not from the staff of the Enrichment center. Who could it be? This person becomes a big role in the story of Factum Solus and together they work together to beat the chambers in Episode Two.

Personal Description:

A Portal 1 modification called Factum Solus. Has turned out to be my biggest project yet. Since the release of it was a success and has a second installment coming up.
New gameplay mechanics was created without using any kind of coding. But by using already given tools, then manipulating and combining them to create unique gameplay mechanics. Gathering people to test the game was not difficult, but gathering feedback and applying it to the game was a challenge. In the end, the mod became a much better product.
Engine: Source Engine
Softwares: Valve Hammer Editor, Valve Faceposer, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad, Goldwave, Melodyne
Key skill used: Building story around gameplay. Progressing PR aswell as building a fan base around the product.