Public Description:

Geminus is a 2-lane Dota 2 map.It's intented to play 5v5 on with the regular gamemode in Dota 2.
It features all the aspects of the original DotA map with the exception that everything is on a smaller scale. The map is half the size and instead of two secret- and sideshops there is only one of each.

Personal Description:

This was the first time I created a level for the moba genre. The artstyle was also very different then what I've usually worked with so it was a very interesting process to create it.
At the same time it was quite the challenge to make gameplay decision and try to balance the map. But alot of consideration was put into the layout and how a game would play out on this map.
Engine: Source Engine
Softwares: Valve Hammer Editor, Adobe Photoshop
Key skill used: Quickly adapting to a new game genre and artstyle.
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