Mapping Desk

Public Description:

This is the Mapping Desk. Levels that are part of my best work. But not big enough to have their own page.

Personal Description:

Creating good looking maps is not the challenge. The challenge is to create a unique levels, that play good. So good that the player can play them, and easily say that he really enjoyed them, and truly mean it.
To think about your decisions. How you create the layout, and what the player might be thinking when he enters the area. Those are some of the points that I think about, and I feel are superior to how well the levels look. And I think are the points all level designers should think about.

Learning to master the eye for detail takes years, but something you can quite quickly achieve like I did.
However to master the thinking of the player in the game is impossible since it's forever evolving and always changing by the years. However you can indeed get a small grasp of how the human brain works after the years, which I can truly say and believe that I have.