Photography and Art

Public Description:

So photographing the world is something I enjoy doing. Alot. Not just landscape pictures, but also of people. The fun about taking pictures of people is that you can manipulate the images and create really creative and fun images. Using Photoshop.
And along side of that I also draw from scratch. It's something you always keep getting better at. Just like everything else. But I enjoy doing it.

Personal Description:

The range of manipulating the images can go all the way from simple but dramatic color effects, to more abstract and extreme additions to the picture. The images below are all made on my free time and are free roaming projects.
I have many years of experience within photoshop. So photoshop is a part of me by now. I have no problem doing anything related to Photoshop.
Besides just doing images for fun, I've also learned to use photoshop for intense project handling. And how to use it for mass production of something. Aswell as using it to build up a sketch of a website, and then breaking it down into peices to then build up again within the web language.
Softwares: Adobe Photoshop